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Preguntas a Fran: Which book can I read to improve my comprehension in Spanish?

Preguntas a Fran: Which book can I read to improve my comprehension in Spanish?

Preguntas a Fran: Which book can I read to improve my comprehension in Spanish?


Hi again!! Today we have our second question, also a good question.

Which book can I read to improve my comprehension in Spanish?

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Well, this time I will speak in English because I will talk a little bit about every level.

Reading is a great way to improve your Spanish, you will realize about the way we construct the sentences without even realize, maybe at the beginning it can be a little bit hard because you will need to look for a lot of words in the dictionary, but if you don’t give up easily, everyday you will notice your improvement.

I recommend you to have a dictionary near you while you are reading, but also, it is better if you don’t look for every word you don’t know, try to guess by the context and continue reading until you really don’t understand the main meaning of the story.

Let´s start talking about some specific books:

For our beginners,

There are some books from the editorial “El Barco de Vapor” that would be perfect for them. This editorial is specialized in books for Spanish children.

It is not too easy because they use some Spanish expressions, which our children understand perfectly but maybe for you it can be a little bit hard. But well, that’s the point, improve and get used to our way of speaking.

Some examples:

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El Secreto de la Arboleda:

This book talk in first person about the story of Erenesto Gil Abad.

He and his friend, Marijuli, meet a fairy who lives in a tree, and the live together many adventures. 

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El Pirata Garrapata:

You will be able to laugh with our Pirata Garrapata across the seven seas, the five continents and in any time. You will live with him and his crew great adventures, with action and humor. It is a old book, it born in 1982, but it is still alive, it has 36 editions.

For a middle level I recommend…

leran spanish with stories for children, learn spanish, read in Spanish

Cuentos infantiles:

The typical stories for kids, witch all of us know and we have already read them, it would be easy for you to understand the argumentand you will practice and know how to use “El Pretérito Imperfecto”.

Erase una vez… Caperucita Roja, Los 3 cerditos, el patito feo…

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Relato de un Naúfrago – Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

It is a real story, about a castaway. It tells us the real experience of a 20 year old man, who survive to a castaway during 10 days without eating or drinking anything. You will practice your “Preterito Indefinido” because he is telling us his story in the past.

And finally for a high level of Spanish I recommend you a really nice novel that you could watch also in a TV serial:

book for high level of Spanish, learn Spanish, high level

El tiempo entre costuras:

It talks about the story of Sira, a Spanish woman that goes to Tanger following a man that she doesn’t really know. The story takes place in a difficult time in the history of Spain, when the politic and social situation is not in the best moment. A romantic story full of hard moments, efforts, politics movements and love.

That´s all for today, I hope you follow my recommendations and improve your Spanish, at the same time you have fun.

I am waiting for more questions!!!